Monday, February 6, 2012


webDiplomacy is an online multiplayer Diplomacy board game, with an unique score and ranking system.
When you register you get 100 points, and to join a game you will need this points to give in a pot, what will be shared on survivors, winners, or winner takes all. The game start automaticly when all players joined. There are a lot of additional settings to create a game, anonymous messaging, only global messaging, or no messaging, winner takes all, the amount of points to give in the pot, time limit to commit orders, and Maps, yes there are other diplomacy map variants. If you not give orders in the given time limit, an other external player can take your place and continue the game, this way you will loose the points what you placed in the pot. If you lost a game, but you are below 100 points you will get back the points what you given in the game until you reach 100, so you will never run out of points if you can't achive victory.
To give orders you need to use drop down lists, what are easy to use, but not the best solution. With JavaScript, html5, or flash it could be much better, to click on the unit, and give orders to him by this way, also the graphic, or boards are not too beautiful, but they are simple.
There are many webDiplomacy sites, it is OpenSource, so you can create your Own webDiplomacy site, and server.
The main gamepage:
Page with the source code to do your own server:

webDiplomacy is one of the best, or the best online diplomacy browser game, it have many built in features, so much players, a good point, and ranking system, unique maps if you bored to the classic Europe map.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Landrule: Risk board game on your mobile

Landrule is an android adaption of the popular Risk board game, and more, it support multiplayer, also you can play against computer, or just you can put some computer player if not enough human player have the multiplayer game. If you like Risk, you will love this game, it is easy to use, the map is simple but nice. I got some problem with the ai, they mostly give points to one unit, and they attack circually each other in a place which have four territory, like in South America, Australia, and if nobody attack from outer territory, they will fight with each other forever.
Market description:
"Landrule is a turn-based strategy game for Android. Similar to Age of Conquest and Risk.
You can play in a single-player mode, or against others in online multiplayer mode.
New features on the way, making the classic Risk game more fun.
Maps include the classic Risk earth map, as well as a modified Antarctica map. More maps being designed now."

It is a great game, almost everything is perfect, except some gliches with the ai.
Points: 9/10

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Droidippy - Destroy your enemies, then destroy your friends!

Droidippy is propably one of the best Diplomacy game on Android. If you like Diplomacy it is a must have app on your smart phone.
There is no AI, you can play only with other human users, and in the free version only one gameplay can run, what is slow with daily turns, so at this speed one game can take one or more months. There is no problem about find a game, and other human players, and start a game fast. Also when you join a game you can set the priority of which faction do you want to play.

* Several simultaneous (for premium users) games with anonymous players or your friends from all over the world.
* Create your own games, configure them to your liking and invite people to join the stabbing!
* Keeps track of your deadline reliability, and sets you up with players of similar reliability.
* Vector based map with zooming, panning and click to enter orders.
* Instant messaging, one on one and in a conference channel, in each game.
* Game global help and talk chat channel.
* Configurable notifications when messages are sent, phases resolved and games end.
* Browse history of games to check the performance of friend and foe alike.
* Clearly stated orders and results in text, if the point and click interface confuses.
* A web interface for your friends unlucky enough not to own an Android device, or for those times when you prefer a full size keyboard:

Download from market:

Overall: it is a great fun game to conquer Europe, easy to use, the map is nice edited. If you liked the board game you will love it on your phone!
Rating: 9/10
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